Burial Insurance

Burial Insurance Information

  • The direct costs for a funeral start around $10,000 for “inexpensive” funerals with many funerals approaching $25,000.
  • Funeral expenses are going to continue to increase.
  • Social Security only entitles you to a burial expense allowance of $225.
  • When people pass away, besides the cost of the funeral, they leave behind unpaid credit cards, auto payments and similar expenses. Burial insurance can pay for those expenses.
  • Funeral expenses are the responsibility of your family.

Burial Insurance is Really Life Insurance

Most people who are searching online for burial insurance don’t realize that funeral insurance is essentially life insurance. A very inexpensive way to obtain quality burial insurance is to get a free life insurance quote.

In less than a minute you can receive a burial insurance rate quote and provide financial security for your family. This is free of obligation.

The burial insurance plan will provide money for your family and loved ones to cover all funeral expenses during their time of grief.



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