What is the cheapest form of burial?

Question by : What is the cheapest form of burial?
Hypothetically, if an extremely poor person were to die with no from of insurance, and his family didn’t have money to buy a casket or even to cremate him, what becomes of him? Is the service free?

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  1. Sharon Wiliams says:

    Good question.

    I don’t know if no one claimed the body if the state would bury the person in an unmarked grave and let it go at that, or if they would bill the relatives for the cost. It wouldn’t be a problem for the state to find out who the nearest relatives are to the person.

    The cheapest way to dispose of the a human’s remains are to cremate them. They do not need to be embalmed, nor is there a need for any type of casket whatsoever. The ashes can be scattered so there’s no need for a burial plot.

  2. Bookbinder says:

    Many years ago, such a burial was called a pauper’s burial. If a person died, and nobody could afford (or was willing) to pay for a half-decent funeral, the local authority (often called the parish) would step in and arrange for the person to buried in the cheapest possible way. Such people were often buried standing up, instead of lying down, to save space in the burial ground. Burials such as this took place well before cremation became fashionable, so cremation wasn’t really an option then.

  3. Austin says:

    A garbage bag and the river.

  4. Sir Hyden Templar says:

    Cremation is the answer between 600 o 800 dollars. See ya